Why Chiropractic?


How can Chiropractic Care help?

Chiropractic is a healing art which utilizes the body's inherent recuperative powers to heal itself. The body is most capable of healing if the spine and other joints are in perfect alignment.

When a bone in the body becomes misaligned it may cause pressure on a nerve. This pinched nerve can cause pain, numbness, tingling, headaches and much, much more. The misalignment along with nerve pressure is called a subluxation. It is advised that only a licensed and experienced chiropractor help to find and correct these misalignments.

Once the bones stay in the proper alignment and pressure is removed, the body can then start to repair itself which leads to decreased pain and increased function.

Most people seek chiropractic care for pain relief. Once pain relief is achieved many continue care on a regular basis to prevent future problems and maintain their health. This discipline of healing has been dated back to the time of Hippocrates where stone carvings depict spinal corrections. So chiropractic is far from new.

Techniques Utilized

Dr. Wong uses a thoughtful approach to chiropractic care treatments. The healing techniques are customized to your specific ailments and comfort level. Healing treatments may include:

  • Diversified full spine

  • Activator

  • Thompson Drop

  • Toggle

  • Cranial Adjusting

  • Rehabilitative exercise

  • Myofascial Release

  • Trigger points

  • Extremity Adjusting of the ribs, jaw, shoulder-elbow-wrist-hand, hip-knee-ankle and foot.